Clearing Limitations on Abundance and Allowing More Money

Abundance and prosperity are the main energy coming in on the planet now for people to heal.. so if you are dealing with “not enough” you are not alone in that. The main way to heal your beliefs in limitation and lack is too realize you are abundant beyond belief

You have all the air and sunshine and water you need. That is abundance!

The same goes for money, except for limiting beliefs in the way. Clear those as they pop up.

Say, think, “money flows like water flows for me, it is there when I need it”.

Then if you hear “ya, right”  or “that will be the day”, or some other limited belief, first ask “Who does this belong to?”. (from Access Consciousness)

If it flies away, it was not yours.. and it is clear. Thank God for that easy clearing.

If it does not leave or lighten up, it is still there, RULING YOUR LIFE subconsciously.

Go inside yourself, clear and change that belief and any similar beliefs.

If you can, as soon as you hear a “voice of limitation”, stop what you are doing, sit down, close your eyes and focus inside yourself. Bring Light into your crown charka, ground that Light into the Earth, and ask to “see” that belief. Then clear and or change it. If you don’t have time or space right then, write it down and clear it later.

If it is held with strong emotion, it has a part of you from the past, holding it in place. A lost “Child Aspect”. Process the emotional energy coming up thru EFT taping, sending it into the LIGHT, or some other way to release it.

Then, go inside yourself and ask, “How old are you?” to your lost “Child Aspect” and heal that inner child holding that belief in place, with Love. Tell her/him you are all grown up now and creating your own reality and you don’t have to believe any of those limitations anymore. Then clear and/or change those beliefs. Continue sending your “Child Aspect” loving thoughts and attention, until she/he looks happy. In the next few weeks, I will write more about this advanced technique.

Clear it all into the LIGHT. Ask for it to transform to LOVE and abundance.. rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat… everyday.

Whenever you hear those “voices of limitation” they are doing you a favor, showing up. If they are yours, they are your subconscious beliefs of limitation. If they are not yours, let them fly away by asking first “Who does this belong to?”.

Most of them you acquired in childhood before you were six years old. Many of them, you did not even “believe” but you “absorbed” as a field of energy or energy wave that was believed and transmitted to you by your parents, when they were worried or in fear. They projected that energy of OMG and you picked it up as a “Reality” and now you are Living it. Change your Reality.

When you clear these out, your whole life changes to what YOU PREFER.
They are not yours, let them go.

Remember, “What feels Lighter is True, what feels heaver is false.”

So, if the energy feels heavy like “ya, right” or “that will be the day”, it is NOT true for you at the Higher Self level. And untruths take you away from WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

So, clear and release limit-a-tions, anyway you can.

Rememeber, YOU are DIVINE. YOU deserve abundance.
If that brings up any heavy energy.. release it into the LIGHT.

Let me know if you need help “fishing” these out and releasing them.

The High Level Divine Energy that washes thru me during my energy healings, washes thru my clients also and it cleans away many of these limitations in the high level vibrational wash.

Tell next time.
Lisa Long

Please share this with people who need it. Mahalo.


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Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 6.27.17 PM

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In order to Co-Create “Heaven on Earth” in YOUR UNIVERSE – YOU-NIVERSE… you need to FILTER your Reality.

Only include in YOUR FOCUS.. things you want to include in your version of Heaven on Earth. Filter your TV, your newspaper reading, your friends and your facebook friends… if they post negative stuff, check to see “only important” (so they continue to see your positive posts) or unfriend them.

This is the way reality is co-created with Source.

If you focus on what you DON’T want, you empower it into your YOU-NIVERSE, then you wonder why there is so much “bad” stuff. It is because YOU are requesting it from the Universe. You are ordering more of it by focusing on it.

If we turn away from it.. it looses the power we were giving it, and it fades out of our universes. It still exists, it just does not enter into your experience.

Universe.. YOUR-UNIVERSE.. YOUR YOU-NIVERSE, is your INSIDE reflected OUTSIDE in your WORLD.. an INVERSE (NIVERSE) IN-NI version of YOU.

U-INVERSE. or YOU INVERSE. You reflected back to You.

Change your INNER to change your LIFE.

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The Flow, Following Spirit, In The Votex, On The Grid, What Feels Lighter is True for You, Ask and Receive, Law of Attraction, Follow Your Spirit

The Flow, Following Spirit, In The Votex, On The Grid, What Feels Lighter is True for You, Ask and Receive, Law of Attraction, Follow Your Spirit

A few days ago, I kept following “what feels lighter” (as taught by ) something I have always done, but explained by them in a very simple manner. Somehow it CLICKED, it all came together in my mind with “Follow Your Spirit”, “In The Flow” and “In The Vortex”.

I was in Albertson’s, a store I rarely visit, and as I moved toward checkout I heard/felt, “you are not done yet, one more thing to do”. I turned toward the produce section and thought, “yes, organic vegetables are this way, maybe I am suppose to get something?” Although I had just brought tons of vegetables at the Coop.

As I moved in the produce direction “I” felt lighter so I knew I was on my path. I walked thru the produce isles feeling my way for what felt lighter, “No, not apples.” “No, not avocados, I have tons of those”. Then moving over to next isle feeling, “No, wrong way, it’s behind me.” Okay. I turned around, flowing, hum.. “Donuts? Really?” I asked in my mind. I turned away left and it felt heaver. I turned away toward the right and it felt heaver. “Okay. It is right here. Donuts”. LOL

“The Universe wants me to have a Donut? How nice. I can do that.”

Then I remembered last week, I thought “Boy, I have not had good a donut for a long time. I would like a donut”.

And there I was now standing in front of the donuts.

I brought 2. I had no resistance to donuts so I flowed right over to them. I thanked the Universe for the donuts and I thanked the Universe for this conscious understanding of how the Universe works.

I was not in front of donuts because of some random chance of the Universe. I was in front of donuts because I “put my order in” to the Universe. “This is what I would like. This would be nice.” Not, “I have to have a donut” or “I would like a donut, but I don’t deserve a donut”. That would slow or stop the flow.

I just thought simply. “I would like a donut.” And there they were.

That is living in flow… so cool. I will teach you more about flow as it comes to me. I used to call it, “following spirit” as taught by the “Et’s of Sedona”. They sold one of my favorite books, “ET 101”. I suggest you get a copy if you can find one. Anyway, “Following Spirit” is more commonly referred as in “The Flow or Flowing”. And it feels like flowing and “Life Just Flows”. I live in the flow and it is so Divine.

It is also referred to as “Aligning with Spirit or The Path”, and “In the Vortex” and “On The Grid” as taught by Abraham-Hicks. All these concepts are trying to convey that simple act of flowing to something like finding a donut. That is the Universe giving you what you ask for, in every moment.

I woke up to the fact (became conscious of my request earlier) that I asked the Universe for a donut and here it was. “Ask and Yea Shall Receive.” No judgement, no, “but they are fattening”. Nothing like that.

It is sort of like following a guide dog. “Take me here Puppy”. The puppy just puts his noise down and goes to where you have requested. That is what following the flow is. You ask for what you want and the Universe “Lights” the way there.

“Take me here Universe”. The Universe Answers. Then you “Follow the Flow” of what is LIGHTER to what you want. You follow the trail of Light set out for you by YOU on a higher level. No pushing against, no struggle. Just flowing to more and more of what you are asking for in your life.

Lucky for us… our Higher Self is holding the positive end of the Flow for Us, or as Abraham-Hicks teaches, “the positive end of the stick”. So even if we are holding the “struggle” side through our words, thoughts and actions, Source is holding the LOVE, EASE and FLOW side and saying.. “Flow this way, flow is this way. Flow is easy and light. Flow is fun. Flow is LOVE. Flow is Happy. We are happy in our flow.”

Time to release struggle, don’t you think? Time to flow.

This is the answer to every question you will ever have. “You asked. Now you are receiving. What are you asking for?”

Lisa Long


Divine Animals

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 1.02.24 PM
All animals are GOD.. the difference with Humans is.. the animals KNOW they are Divine and allow in an unconditional way and the humans are just now starting to remember their Divinity.

Pondering Dimensional Realities

This video shows them transparent and see through. Like us.. photographed in this dimension we look solid.. but from a higher dimension, we are transparent like these little guys crawling around.

So cool, God is everywhere… even in the Water Bear… Moss Piglet..

Consciousness Tips from Divine Lisa


If you want more abundance start following your heart and ignore negative thoughts… by “disowning” them. When you hear them.. (yes, most of the time, they are not yours, you are just hearing them.) Think.. “that’s not mine, who’s thought is that?” “Not mine. Not mine..” and when you have positive thoughts. Agree with them. “Yes, it will be alright.” “Yes, I know it will. It always is.” This takes work to change the attraction, but once you do, your life will start shifting to more Love and Abundance and get easier everyday. The more you shift to the positive, the more you feel your heart sing and everything you want starts coming to you, with little effort.

 More about random thoughts:
The earth has “thought fields” around it.. Like smog. You could pick up something that has been there for hundreds or thousands of years. I call them “little boogies” and I have a clearing for that. Here is a written version of my clearing for that:  When you join my email list, I send you an empowered video clearing also.

Awaken To Your Special Gifts

The High Level Divine Energy that comes through me in my work helps you find your special gifts and abilities by healing and releasing the lower level energies that are keeping you stuck in your life. I help you to work on yourself in deep level processing that helps you clear away issues and limitations that have been holding you back. I teach you processes as I help you release any knots of limitation that you are holding that are not serving you anymore. I see the energy blocks that create your life the way it is.. and I help you to change it to more of what you want. This Divine energy helps you to heal yourself, inside, so your reflection in the world reflects that NEW YOU back to you in your new life. This work changes the energy you are sending to the universe so it changes your attractions. LOA, Law of Attraction. I help you change your life and I teach you how to continue this work on your own. I help empower you to change you.

This work increases your vibration which allows more of your higher self into your body so you can maintain a more and more elevated level of consciousness. I help you get more present in your body and this moves you in your life more smoothly to your next level of enlightenment and awakens your special gifts and abilities.

Mother Natures Divine Dimensions

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 1.01.15 PM

This is a dimension where ants and other bugs live.. a beautiful Divine Dimension of Mother Nature. Many places, we drop toxic chemicals into it.. sort of like nuking an area. We BOMB nature with toxins and wonder where the beauty went. ~ Lisa Long