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A Love Note… to me.

From one of my private client sessions. ___________________________________________________   After our session yesterday: I feel like a weight lifted. So I already have some interesting occurrences to share.  A couple of hours after I got off the phone with you my realtor, who I had been pretty silent the past few weeks sent me the […]

The Release- Sobbing, Crying

The Release- Sobbing, Crying Sobbing Uncontrollably. If you are experiencing uncontrollable sobbing and crying… use this release to find clarity, healing and peace. I created this audio a few years ago and I am publishing it now so you can benefit from the clarity and relief it can bring you. http://www.lisalong.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/LisaLong-TheRelease-Crying.mp3 Lisa  

What Has Your Spiritual Awakening Been Like?

One of my answers on Quora. What-has-your-spiritual-awakening-been-like? ____________ Lisa Long was one of the first psychics on the internet in 1995. As You Awaken You Move Thru Dimensional Fields To Higher Levels Of Consciousness. As you do this the places in you that used to identify with the lower dimensional thoughts and beliefs can feel […]