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If you want to hear your Guides clearly…

If you want to hear your Guides clearly, sign up at awakenedmasters.com Sign up at awakenedmasters.com English (Automatic Captions) from Youtube 0:00 hi everyone this is Lisa I’m on the trail again that’s a little noisy 0:05 appears to show you the deal and thank you for a little walk so that’s the view 0:19 […]

Facebook Live, You Can Have What You Want!

English (Automatic Captions from Youtube) 0:00 Hi everybody this is Lisa and I’m in the words big rocks here and I want to talk to you 0:14 today about having what you want because a lot of us get distracted you get you 0:22 know you get distracted into TV get distracted and watching other […]

Level Up with Lisa from the Trail

English (Automatic Captions by Youtube) 0:03 hello everyone this is Lisa long 0:16 trail positive light so what happens is you are your future creation is a 0:36 positive vibration everything you want everything you’ve created for yourself 0:41 is held at a high level vibration where sources source holds your your every 0:49 time […]

Recreating Your Life Consciously

   . We are all Energy Beings and if you want to have a better life, you have to move your energy to a higher vibrational level whenever you can.  . So if you start to feel “heavy”, stop what you are doing and go inside yourself and ask, “What did I just think?”   . […]