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English (Automatic Captions) from Youtube

0:00 hi everyone this is Lisa I’m on the trail again that’s a little noisy
0:05 appears to show you the deal and thank you for a little walk so that’s the view
0:19 the snowpack the melted off the hill it was there two days ago it was a little
0:24 warmer yesterday but it’s such a beautiful view here
0:35 working on the work day
0:45 where people talk to you about hearing your guidance clearly and also the light
0:54 off so your guidance is at a high level vibration and if you are at a low level
1:06 vibration there’s a lot of energy coming in right now a lot of people are gone
1:10 through some heavy stuff to get a lot of people are going through some heavy
1:16 stuff they’re just not feeling good he’s you have subconscious beliefs that
1:21 you’re not good enough
1:23 things are hard a lot of stuff we got from our parents if you have those
1:27 police in your subconscious mind even if you don’t know you have a very effective
1:31 it’s like computer programs water running on your hard drive you don’t
1:38 even know you have and this energy coming from source and all the people
1:43 waking up this creating this high-level awakening energy and so if you don’t
1:48 keep up things will get harder for you you have to keep up and clearing your
1:54 subconscious mind you have to keep up in being happy you have to keep up in
2:00 turning those thoughts around because they’ll keep presenting to you where you
2:05 need to work on yourself
2:07 the universe is gonna keep resending things in your reality that if you
2:12 didn’t clear about you might not like living now so what I do is I help people
2:17 clear out those things in their subconscious mind and I help them
2:21 understand they’re ok they’re loved their never judged by source and its
2:30 mother hears us to watch for a market and everything’s always working out for
2:35 us we just have to stay on that end of the stick we have to stay on the
2:39 positive end of the stick rather than the negative end of the stick and
2:43 millions of people to the stick their takes a master to stay on the positive
2:50 end of the stick your old masters we came here to be masters and so use your
2:56 mastery
2:58 know you can do it know who you are
3:02 know that your divine you are here
3:20 know that you’re loved by source energy know that everything will be alright and
3:26 then you have to soothe yourself just like your your parent so your parent
3:31 team a little child in your subconscious mind that got scared your parenting the
3:38 little child in your subconscious mind that thought that they weren’t good
3:44 enough nobody like whether the beliefs are a lot of this stuff is coming to
3:50 come up with it will reflect in your reality by what you’re living so if
3:56 you’re living things that aren’t fun that’s why it’s because you have belief
4:00 patterns so ask yourself it’s a little steep pair well with I have to believe
4:05 to create this in my life
4:09 what do I have to believe to create this weather and living over there some tears
4:15 are some people are there some tears so let those tears come out let those tears
4:20 come out because when you when you let those tears out and the little by little
4:27 child and you cries for tears of relief then that stuff leaves it’s it’s it’s
4:34 like waves of denser energy and thought patterns and beliefs where we log not
4:40 good enough things don’t work out for me how come I don’t have any friends how
4:46 can people don’t like me all that stuff can be blocking your clothes your money
4:51 flows your health flows here energy flows your fun havin fun how come how
4:57 come I never get to go outside how come I don’t ever get to do anything like
5:01 other people how come it’s easy for other people and not for me see all
5:05 those thoughts are limited thought forms and they can block your slow so let
5:09 those go if you have any of those release release released I work
5:14 energetically in the subconscious mind by holding the field and so when people
5:19 take my classes we go pretty deep clear this stuff and I explained how the
5:24 universe works and how to change your reality and it takes a master it’s not
5:29 like over I’m gonna casually do this
5:31 casual so it’s doing it does get easier just keep going so my suggestion for you
5:46 would be if you haven’t signed up for my free clearing videos
5:50 sign up but awakened masters dot com you get some crew clearing videos and then
5:54 you can see if you want to join me in my classes and therefore not try to stay
5:58 out of my email list if you want and then you get more free clinic stuff so
6:02 take care everybody love you understand that everything is divine and the whole
6:07 universe is helping us get clear so whatever you’re going through is
6:11 something for your benefits will look at the positive end of it and go okay I
6:16 know this is for my benefit I know this is for my benefit and so I’m gonna find
6:21 that and let those tears come out to play god bless you all take care

Clear your energy field, heal your body, keep moving forward

From my Facebook LIVE Broadcast

Clear out places in your body that feel heavy.
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English (Automatic Captions) by YouTube

0:00 hi this is Lisa and I’m on the trail again and it’s pretty up here a little
0:16 chilly but it’s not and so today I want to talk to you about clearing your
0:24 energy feel and how the energies affecting this right now because there’s
0:29 some pretty intense energy coming in there’s a lot of high-level energy
0:36 that’s shifting us but if you don’t allow yourself to shift then you’ll feel
0:40 heavier in different places in your body and your reality your life will actually
0:45 reflect that so they’ll be different its bogged down places you’ll start feeling
0:49 feeling it so if you touch the place in your body and you say what is this what
0:55 is this release release release release release and ask that energy to clear
1:00 till it go go clear clear clear a lot of people just ignore these little aches
1:05 and pains and if you ignore those little aches and pains they get heavier it’s
1:09 like interference in your secretary we were electric beans we have this energy
1:14 flowing through it and when you get interference in your circuitry if you
1:18 don’t clear it out then it can get its you know it can get more clogged like
1:24 it’s kinda like you could be like like it could be like clogged arteries or
1:27 something like that but it’s in your energetic body so what you do is you you
1:33 pointed that part on your body and you ask it to leave leaves leaving if it
1:38 doesn’t leave right away you say who does this belong to and that’s from
1:42 Access Consciousness and then here set if it doesn’t clear right away you ask
1:47 it what is this what is this what is this where did I get it and take this
1:53 can take some time but it it’s better than developing something that it can
1:58 affect you in the future health base and in your reality so then it’ll come up
2:04 and I mean it might only take 20 or 30 minutes or it might take five minutes
2:08 sometimes it’s pretty quick and your mind will tell you it’s this is blood
2:13 global blow where I thought I wasn’t good enough for this is blah blah blah
2:17 blah blah where daddy said this or mommy said that are my brother said this and
2:21 so they knew you say well we don’t believe that anymore let them energy
2:26 clear and you turn that sought around to the sun’s coming out could you turn that
2:30 sought around the best you can you move it to a higher place you re-educate your
2:34 subconscious mind to where you are now and what you believe now and just keep
2:40 asking me to leave release release release release released and what’ll
2:44 happen sorry I just taken a drink my water first so what’ll happen is it’ll
2:51 start leaving and it’s really interesting at first it might get it might hurt a
2:56 lot more and women hurts a lot more it started the movie energy it’s like it’s
3:01 like you have this energy that’s bogged down in this little clogged and then it
3:05 it it starts going through and is it starts going through it hurts a little
3:09 more in the card a little more hurt a little more and then we’ll start flowing
3:13 like Little River and then we’ll come out and it’ll leave and there’s
3:17 something you can have a place that was so sore you were thinking about going to
3:22 a chiropractor and when you’re done it’s totally gone it totally gone it’s not
3:28 sore anymore it’s clear and you’re like wow that was that was amazing you just
3:35 keep yourself you just secured yourself whatever that was in whatever future
3:40 thing that cuz it just keeps you know if you don’t care if you don’t let it go
3:44 release it then it can it can affect you when you get a little older and with the
3:50 energy coming in is it strong as it is it’s kinda like we’re we were operating
3:54 on 110 super circuitry and now 220 start to come in and 220 is bringing up all
4:00 this stuff that went and didn’t notice and so when 220 comes in there’s more
4:05 people on the trail hi I’m on Facebook so I went to twenty comes in you have to
4:11 clear that stuff out so otherwise crystal then 330 is gonna come in we’re
4:16 going to just keep leveling up our vibrations so if you want to know more
4:20 and if you want free clearing videos check out awake and masters dot com
4:24 where
4:24 help you clear out all this stuff and teach you how to do it easier and I have
4:30 a lot more time and money trail let me show you where it is

Being Grateful Brings More for You to Enjoy! – LOA, Law of Attraction

English (Automatic Captions by Youtube)
0:00 Hi everyone this is Lisa and I’m on the mountain and this is going to be quick
0:05 chilly up here I wondered why it was so cold we got snow on the mountain
0:24 clothes back on and like it’s done with those so today is about gratitude and
0:35 being grateful where energy beans and we we vibrate and energy out and that
0:43 energy brings energy back to us from the universe and if you’re grateful for
0:49 things then the universe brings you back things to be grateful for
0:55 but if you bitch about things then the universe brings you back things that you
0:59 might bitch about and that it’s a continuing cycle so the ideas you got a
1:03 break the pattern in the way I teach it is shake your head when you catch
1:07 yourself that’s called waking up when you catch yourself in a negative thought
1:11 patterns and you go I was just having negative thoughts and shake your head
1:15 and break that pattern and then go do something else and then you’ll still he
1:20 sometimes it’s not, see the thoughts come at you so they’re like on
1:24 these these these rivers of thought that around everybody around the earth and
1:29 they’ll come towards you again in here the fight against me like no I’m not
1:32 going to think that you shake your head no I’m not going to think that you shake
1:35 your head and then go paycheck after take a bath or you know do something
1:41 different take a walk do something to break the pattern go think about
1:45 something else read a book even look around your house look at your candles
1:51 and appreciate them do whatever you can to break that pattern and these small
1:56 little changes you make every day lead to big changes in your life but if you
2:01 don’t make those changes then you get stuck in what I call groundhog day and
2:05 every day is like the last it’s just it’s a repeat of the last dozen were
2:09 re-creating our reality all the time but if you keep vibrating out the same
2:15 pattern then you gonna bring that back to you that same patterns gonna come
2:19 back to you and your gonna think that this is all there is
2:22 and have kind of animal life you where you don’t expand into new places do new
2:31 things have fun
2:32 and so the ideas break the pattern and start thinking about what you want and
2:37 what you wanna live think about what you want to live in your life and then fill
2:41 your mind with those things
2:43 watch those kind of shows if you watch TV at all watch those kind of shows look
2:48 through those kinda magazines
2:50 put pretty things around your house get rid of anything that doesn’t feel like
2:54 everything that feels heavy or brings up sadness let it go let it go let it go
2:59 and if you can’t let it go right away thats ok just look at it and process the
3:05 sadness for a little while and then put it down and then go back in a week and
3:09 look at it
3:10 process the sadness again and then put it down and go back in a week in your
3:14 notice every time you do that the sadness will get less and less and then
3:18 eventually you’ll just be able to let it go but we’re continuing to awaken in
3:23 there so much strong energy coming into this planet if you’re not consciously
3:27 working on yourself and helping yourself wake up and helping yourself get to
3:32 higher levels then you’ll start feeling heavy
3:36 heavier and heavier because the energy compresses so if you have a negative
3:41 thought forming you leave it there that it attracts other negative thought forms
3:45 and then those attract other negative thought forms and it eventually it can
3:51 manifest into something you don’t want your life so keep going keep going keep
4:00 going just keep process either I guess this is a lifetime that’s what we’re
4:06 doing it but that’s all we chose we chose to make it reaches to ring
4:16 high-level energy this planet which has to have a much better lives so just keep
4:22 going keep going and you have all your angels are with you God is with you
4:27 source loves you and if you’d like some free clearing videos sign up at my waked
4:33 masters dot com and you get some free clearing videos in about my classes and
4:39 stuff like that
4:39 so take care and God bless you all and have a great day I’m cold

Facebook Live, You Can Have What You Want!

English (Automatic Captions from Youtube)
0:00 Hi everybody this is Lisa and I’m in the words big rocks here and I want to talk to you
0:14 today about having what you want because a lot of us get distracted you get you
0:22 know you get distracted into TV get distracted and watching other people who
0:29 get distracted in the you know helping your kids helping other people do things
0:34 and a lot of us don’t focus on what we want and in fact a lot of us forget
0:40 about what we want and we think we’re here to serve and we are we’re here to
0:47 serve each other but not in this not in the service way it’s more like in a way
0:53 of of being happy and because when you vibrate happiness and you then you
1:00 naturally serve others because you naturally want to share that happiness
1:04 with others and when you do that that helps others find happiness to and
1:09 everybody’s happiness is a little different and it’s all inside themselves
1:12 but if you think you have to serve people that are suffering or or a new
1:20 focus on stuff like that it can drop your level so you wanna keep your
1:24 vibration high and you want to focus on what you want and especially if you’re a
1:29 little older if you’re over thirty or forty and you kind of forgot about what
1:36 you really wanted to you forgot about your dreams sometimes they can take six
1:40 months or more to start uncovering them to start finding them to start yeah what
1:46 do I want what do I really want and it a lot of us what happened this morning I
1:54 went through something where I cleared this our minds are like a bubble of
2:00 consciousness and as they expand you expand into a new area and so I was
2:05 coming through when I was waking up you come back in your body when you wake up
2:11 and I felt myself coming back in my body and moving forward into the world and I
2:16 could feel this like a blockage and I recommend my clients that they they lay
2:22 in bed a few minutes and they start appreciating life and appreciating
2:27 everything around them but also watch for your mind is and get it to a higher
2:32 level in I had this this part of me that was like well I can’t have what I want
2:39 and I noticed that there was a synergy first to find it I noticed there was
2:44 this energy anger and I was like oh there’s some anger there so what is that
2:49 angered tie too so it’s becoming conscious of the emotions and the
2:53 feelings and your body and around you first you ask is this somebody else is
2:57 there is it mine and then give it somebody else’s it’ll fly away and then
3:02 if it’s yours when am i angry about what am i angry about you bring that up bring
3:07 that up and it was where I logged somewhere my childhood probably very
3:12 young that I couldn’t have what I wanted because my parents favorite word was no
3:16 every time we asked we got no you know a lot of us did and so it’s like oh and so
3:29 somewhere in my mind logged I can’t have what I want and there was still a hidden
3:33 vibration that I was running and I didn’t know I was running it because it
3:38 was subconscious and so I brought it to consciousness and I i moved that thought
3:44 to a new place to a higher level and I turned it around and I might I could
3:48 feel my mind expanding into a new place and when you do that you just expanded
3:53 into a new place and when i when i expanded into I can have what I want yes
3:58 I can have what I went there are there are no longer my parents in charge of my
4:02 reality I’m in charge of my reality and work until of clinton’s one before but
4:06 you know we’re continually expanding in new places and as the energy gets
4:10 lighter this stuff comes up again and so it it as long as you keep moving and
4:15 keep expanding you’ll feel you’ll feel good and things will get lighter but if
4:19 you don’t you can get bogged down in the energy you can get bogged down
4:24 with the old patterns because we picked him up and and we still have them here
4:32 if we don’t clear about who we didn’t let him go it’s covering your light so
4:37 anywhere you’re allowing yourself to not anywhere you think you can’t have what
4:42 you want anywhere you think you’re limited in any way shape or form are you
4:46 willing to release that and I have to say yes to you so that’s moving energy
4:52 release release release release release release will lead police release and
4:57 that’s how I helped clear help people clear release release release release
5:01 release released so anywhere you feel limited and you think you can’t have
5:04 what you want you gave up on your dreams you have to give it to yourself
5:10 the only reason I get out here and enjoy nature and have fun
5:19 is because I give it to myself
5:30 give it to myself I wouldn’t have it I’d still be looking at my computer I get up
5:35 I mean I did that for years I get up and just go work on the computer and maybe
5:40 take weekends off but usually I didn’t usually I worked weekends because I came
5:46 out of a lot of the work and struggle so now I’m running a whole different energy
5:52 and life just gets easier and easier so that interests you awakened masters dot
5:57 com you can sign up to get my free clearing videos and I have classes
6:03 awakened master’s Academy and you’ll hear about it
6:06 videos awakened masters dot com so thank you all for joining I hope this has been
6:11 helpful or are moving to a new level so be nice to yourself love yourself
6:17 tried not to beat yourself up a judge yourself in any way because it will drop
6:22 your level to you want to keep your level high you keep your vibration high
6:25 but don’t ignore that stuff when it comes up because it’s coming up to clear
6:29 so let it go OK god bless everybody take care bye

Level Up with Lisa from the Trail

English (Automatic Captions by Youtube)
0:03 hello everyone this is Lisa long
0:16 trail positive light so what happens is you are your future creation is a
0:36 positive vibration everything you want everything you’ve created for yourself
0:41 is held at a high level vibration where sources source holds your your every
0:49 time you ask for something it’s given but it held under positive vibration and
0:55 he’ll figure on a lower vibration looking at something in the past which
1:01 is creation creation these trees everything around me is this is all the
1:05 past creation now in an hour they’ll still be there and they’ll be the new
1:09 creation but everything’s sort of recreated in that way it’s a continual
1:14 re-creation of everything and so when you move to a higher dimension and
1:21 toward what you want toward the positive you’re moving toward what you’ve asked
1:26 for and you start get momentum and everything gets faster and easier but if
1:32 you get stuck I know but but but
1:35 and you look at things in your reality that you don’t like then you are
1:42 becoming kind of a stuck human again you’re you’re you get stuck in thinking
1:49 that this is all there is and I’m living here and I’m limited by this reality and
1:56 I’m limited by my choices and I’m limited by where I am and I’m limited by
2:01 you know how much money in my bank hi everybody joining and all that does is
2:06 is keep you stuck to keep its it keeps you stack so the ideas is continually
2:13 focus forward focus toward where you go
2:17 focus toward what you want focus toward your dreams and you’ll start getting
2:24 thoughts about what I could do this I could do that I can do this I could do
2:30 that hi everybody joining and when you do that it really in that direction and
2:36 a lot of people call that motivation motivation is I think you for hearts
2:41 motivation is where you’re kinda pushing yourself and you think it all I have to
2:46 do this I have to do that and I have to push and when you’re in momentum when
2:53 you’re in 40 it’s different it’s inspired action you feel to do it you
3:00 feel like oh this will be fun
3:02 oh I want to do this oh that’ll be fun I want to do that and you move with the
3:06 flow and you move toward what you want and it’s a lot different hi everybody
3:11 joining so the ideas you might want to replay this is gonna be short the ideas
3:17 to focus toward the positive
3:19 my name’s Lisa long I have awakened master’s Academy and if you wanna sign
3:25 up for the free calls and get some free clearings its awake and masters dot com
3:30 and you get on the email list you can also join my list at least a long dot
3:34 com but you won’t get the emails so good awake and masters dot com you will and
3:40 we kinda got you know tricked into believing that this was all there were
3:48 there is and and and you’ll notice that a lot of your ancestors a lot of the
3:54 older people on the planet
3:55 they’ll go to a job and they’ll stay there for twenty years thirty years
4:00 though do the same thing they live in the same town they they get stuck on
4:03 this it’s kind of a column it’s kind of a low-level vibration of thinking that
4:11 that’s all there is rather than moving forward to higher dimensions and toward
4:15 what they want everybody joining thank you so the more you focus toward what
4:21 you want and it’ll be inspired don’t necessarily go unless it feels good
4:26 don’t know if you think you know I want to do that but it feels crappy it’s not
4:31 time wait until the energy shifts just keep focusing on a cheapo casino keep
4:36 giving yourself inspired ideas
4:39 yeah keep giving yourself inspired ideas you might want to
4:43 and follow I’ve been a professional psyche for 25 years and work with people
4:48 remotely all over the world and I’m in energy master I can shift consciousness
4:53 so I work in the group mine now so people in my classes accelerate their
4:58 movement to higher and higher levels of consciousness and toward what they want
5:04 it it gets easier and easier but when you go there you have to thank you you
5:12 have to go through your ship I guess is the basic words for it because there’s a
5:19 lot of stuff we inherited a lot of police from our childhood none of those
5:24 serve you and they feel heavy and they have to leave and that I help you get
5:28 through that stuff so that you can move toward which and it gets easier and
5:32 easier and more and more fun so I hope this has helped swipe share followed me
5:39 if you want I’m gonna do a broadcast time I’m least a long day 31 on Facebook
5:46 and my professional business pages we’re gonna be broadcast team from its Lisa
5:52 long low of yourself and be happy that’s why you wanna like that page and also
5:58 have awakened masters I’m Facebook so thank you are so high everybody for
6:09 joining watch the replay in you get a lot out of this I think it’s really good
6:15 take care God bless you let me show you the viewed

Awakened Energy Master Lisa Long Presents – The Release

Energy Master Lisa Long, founder of Awakened Masters Academy, leads you in her well known and loved energy clearing “The Release” to help you up-level your vibration and your life.

Have you ever wanted to know what an Energy Master does? This is one of the things I do to help people align their energy more fully with their Source so they “Level Up” their vibration. Check out my Awakened Masters Academy for my offerings to learn more.

I created “The Release” over 20 years ago. It has very high level energy embedded within it. Use it as often as you feel the need. I used it 100’s of times a day when I first received it from the Angels. It works. Enjoy!

Recommended use: 

Daily, several times a day, especially if you feel confused or heavy.

Sometimes when we “Release” we yawn or cry, that is normal, it means you are letting go of unconsciousness, energies, beliefs and old patterns that no longer serve you. You are “Leveling Up Your Vibration” which changes everything in your life and body for the better.

This Video’s Version of “The Release”;



any cords, attachments, energies, entities, commitments, vows,

agreements, thoughts, beliefs, mine or others,

or anything else that is not for the Highest Light for the

Highest Good in full alignment with Gods Will for me.


Everything that is not of the Light – INTO the Light!

Recreating Your Life Consciously

We are all Energy Beings and if you want to have a better life, you have to move your energy to a higher vibrational level whenever you can.
So if you start to feel “heavy”, stop what you are doing and go inside yourself and ask,
“What did I just think?”
Because my SOURCE does not agree with that thought, otherwise I (you) would not have felt heavy.
Your SOURCE always stays at a high vibration… Happy, Fun, Joy, Laughter, Excitement, Appreciation. Source vibrates faster… LIGHTER, Brighter, LOVE LIGHT.
When you feel your level “drop” into a lower level emotion (vibration, dimension)… sadness, anger, fear, depression, any of those, you will FEEL THE RELATIONAL DIFFERENCE between what you just thought and where the BIG YOU, your SOURCE is.
That is your guidance. Abraham-Hicks really helped me to understand this about our guidance.
If you suddenly feel heavy, whatever you just thought, your SOURCE is not agreeing with that.
So why argue with God?
My Source does not agree with that so then I don’t either!
So when you experience a “drop” in level, and you recognize it and work to change it, you just became conscious! 
Give yourself “Thanks”.
You are waking up! Good job!
Then look for the thought.
“What did I just think?”
And move that thought into a better feeling place by soothing yourself.
That is the work.
Moving those thoughts and old belief patterns to higher and higher levels. Then your LIFE has to change to reflect that back to you.
So when those thoughts that no longer serve you come up… learn to turn them around to a more positive place. “I know everything always works out for me.” “I know I will be alright.” “I know I am loved.”
Do whatever you can to move those old thought patterns out of your energy and into the Light and if they don’t leave right away ask….
“Who’s is that?”
“Where did I get that?”
A lot of times it was from your parents.
Talk to your inner child as if you are parenting a small child because you are… you are parenting you in the past.
“Oh Honey, we don’t have to believe that anymore.”
“Our parents did not know better then, it’s a new day, and we know better now.”
Move those thoughts up and that moves your vibration up and the Universe responds to your new higher vibration and your whole life changes to reflect that new level back to you.
Keep Going, Keep Growing!

If you want to know more and have direct teaching with Divine Lisa Long, check out my MasterClasses on Awakened Masters Academy.


Divine Essence

Divine Essence

I am worthy of my own Divine Essence, regardless of my past experiences. ~ Lisa Long

I Am Source

I am one with my SOURCE

I Am Source

I am one with my SOURCE. Everything else is just experience in the material plane. ~ Lisa Long

Step into WHO you want to Be, THEN BE IT.



Sometimes we feel uncomfortable moving toward what we want, but if we don’t move we will never get there. Step into WHO you want to Be, THEN BE IT. ~ Lisa Long