On a deep level you all know this…

Your FOCUS is the Gold of the Universe.

You are a focusing BEING.

Your focus is your power.

YOU focus from “Oneness” into “Details”
to create the Universe.


What “Details” do you want to attract in your life?

What you focus on gains power… YOURS.

What do you want to empower?

All the crap, pain and hurt others are creating?

Or Bliss, Joy and Abundance for yourself and others?

Feel free to share!


YOUR FOCUS empowers it,
REGARDLESS of wanted or unwanted.

We are CREATING a new world by our ATTENTION!

Don’t let the “negative attention seekers” steal your energy and suck you down into the muddy waters and negative experiences.

These include negative people, most of the news channels and newspapers, television shows that scare you or make you feel sad, anything that makes you feel bad is a negative influence and can and will affect your future experience if you let it. It muddies your energy field. 

To get and stay clear change the channel, hang up the phone, do THE RELEASE, go outside and walk in nature, take a bath, meditate (see my little book here), pet your dog, smile at your loved ones, appreciate whatever you can.

This changes your STATE OF BEING and

changes your vibrational attraction.

It literally changes your FUTURE!

When you focus on high level stuff, YOU FEEL GOOD.

That is your Guidance.

When you focus on low level stuff you feel heavy and your tummy crunches.


Just a reminder.

A strong one.

What you focus on grows.

You give it energy.

It appreciates… it increases in energy, it grows and
it moves TOWARD YOU!


YOU are attracting it and asking it to come into your experience.

YOU empower it to exist.


Be picky with your power.


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Divine Essence

Divine Essence

I am worthy of my own Divine Essence, regardless of my past experiences. ~ Lisa Long

I Am Source

I am one with my SOURCE

I Am Source

I am one with my SOURCE. Everything else is just experience in the material plane. ~ Lisa Long

Step into WHO you want to Be, THEN BE IT.



Sometimes we feel uncomfortable moving toward what we want, but if we don’t move we will never get there. Step into WHO you want to Be, THEN BE IT. ~ Lisa Long

Who do you want to BE next year?

Who do you want to Be?

Who do you want to BE next year? Ponder that… and move toward it. ~ Lisa Long


Wisdom Quotes – Divine Source LOVE

#divine #love #wisdom

I am a unique expression of Divine Source LOVE embodied into the material plane. ~ Lisa Long  #divine #love #wisdom

Gifts Embodied

We are birthed out of the asking. We are created as the solutions to the questions. We are the answers. We are Gifts Embodied. ~Lisa Long

Gifts Embodied