The Release- Sobbing, Crying

The Release- Sobbing, Crying
Sobbing Uncontrollably.

If you are experiencing uncontrollable sobbing and crying… use this release to find clarity, healing and peace.

I created this audio a few years ago and I am publishing it now so you can benefit from the clarity and relief it can bring you.



Rome Transformational Workshop

DivineTransformation ROME

Are You Confused About
Law of Attraction?

Have you worked on yourself for years & years
and nothing seems to change?

I can help.

Free talk &
energy clearing
 Awakened Master & Clairvoyant Psychic
Lisa Long

This is Lisa’s first time in Rome. Very limited space. Don’t miss this if you feel drawn to go. This is a life changing event.  

If you really want to heal and grow, this is for you.

Hotel AbitArt

ROME Italy

8th,  September

6-8 pm

Hotel Abitart Conference Center

Via Pellegrino Matteucci, 12/18   00154 Roma

Tel. +39 06 45 43 191

Male Female Energy Balancing

Male Female Energy Balancing

Just look at these HEALING LIGHT paintings for about 30 seconds
with each eye centered on each image.

State/think to yourself,

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this balanced my energies?  

Oh, Awesome..

Thank you GodSource for this blessing! 

 Experience more healing energy at my site..

These HEALING LIGHT paintings are empowered with healing and balancing energies, if you allow it. Just stare at these Healing Light Paintings and tune into your bodies and your Higher Self’s natural healing abilities and ask for DivinesLOVE and HEALING to manifest in your life NOW. Notice if you feel anything in your body or your brain.
Awesome healing.. Thank you God Source!

Also see  “DivinesHealingLight”,“DivinesHealingLight2” and “DivinesHealingVibrations” page. 

The Release Video from Psychic Healer Lisa Long


The RELEASE from Psychic and Clairvoyant Healer Lisa Long

Heal and release your emotional issues, limited beliefs and pain. Clear, align and find more of who you are. I use The Release Daily, it really works miracles. Try it and feel better.

any cords, attachments, energies, entities, commitments, vows, agreements, thoughts, beliefs, boogies, judgements, mine or others, and anything else that is not in full alignment and full agreement with Gods Will for me, and
for the Highest Light for the Highest Good. So Be It.

by Psychic Healer Lisa Long

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