Time To Come HOME



Time To Come HOME

You wanted a little more time.

It was granted.

You wanted help.

It was granted.

Time to come in from the Rain.

Time to come HOME.

The Warm Hearth of GOD is waiting to LOVE you.

Welcome HOME.

Singing The Song of Your Soul


Singing The Song of Your Soul

Loving those parts of yourself you forgot you had.

Sit at least five minutes a day in quiet contemplation.

Smile and bless yourself daily in the mirror.

Understand the importance of saying no.

Exercise patience with all that you meet.

Remember who you are.



I remember loneliness, and isolation,

I remember wishing for more and being it in that thought.

I remember the trauma of separation,

and the guilt for finding myself in that position.

I remember screaming in the falling,

I remember never hitting bottom,

yet sinking deeper.

I remember loneliness with a familiar flavor,

I remember seeing your face… and recognizing mine.

I remember glancing at wisdom

and yearning for it’s embrace.

I remember always working to remember, always trying,

and never understanding that which I was already,

was, and I was that.

I remember now… and I am whole.

by Lisa Long