Divine Animals

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All animals are GOD.. the difference with Humans is.. the animals KNOW they are Divine and allow in an unconditional way and the humans are just now starting to remember their Divinity.

Pondering Dimensional Realities

This video shows them transparent and see through. Like us.. photographed in this dimension we look solid.. but from a higher dimension, we are transparent like these little guys crawling around.

So cool, God is everywhere… even in the Water Bear… Moss Piglet..

Consciousness Tips from Divine Lisa


If you want more abundance start following your heart and ignore negative thoughts… by “disowning” them. When you hear them.. (yes, most of the time, they are not yours, you are just hearing them.) Think.. “that’s not mine, who’s thought is that?” “Not mine. Not mine..” and when you have positive thoughts. Agree with them. “Yes, it will be alright.” “Yes, I know it will. It always is.” This takes work to change the attraction, but once you do, your life will start shifting to more Love and Abundance and get easier everyday. The more you shift to the positive, the more you feel your heart sing and everything you want starts coming to you, with little effort.

 More about random thoughts:
The earth has “thought fields” around it.. Like smog. You could pick up something that has been there for hundreds or thousands of years. I call them “little boogies” and I have a clearing for that. Here is a written version of my clearing for that: https://lisalong.com/the-release/  When you join my email list, I send you an empowered video clearing also.

Mother Natures Divine Dimensions

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This is a dimension where ants and other bugs live.. a beautiful Divine Dimension of Mother Nature. Many places, we drop toxic chemicals into it.. sort of like nuking an area. We BOMB nature with toxins and wonder where the beauty went. ~ Lisa Long


The Cycle of Grounding into your Body your Higher Self

For those feeling a bit out of sorts.. drink more water and tell your higher self to “slow it down” a bit. Imagine yourself growing roots.. and tie into the center of the earth. If you have been asking for more and more acceleration.. the journey can become a bit much at times. You need to ground it into your body. First we “go up” and gain higher level wisdom energy.. then we ground it into our bodies. It’s a cycle. We go up, reaching higher and higher, then we ground it in and understand it at a conscious level. If you just go up and don’t ground it in, you can’t manifest here.. only in dreams, and it keeps you flighty and feeling out of your body. Grounding it in helps you and helps everyone on the planet as that higher vibration is grounded into the material planes. That raises the vibration. We are not “ascending” out of here.. (unless you croak) we are grounding ascension energy IN here. I spend 4 to 6 hours everyday in deep awake trances now as the energy increases we are called to work more on grounding it (and our higher-selves) into our bodies. We are more and more here… Lisa Long

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The United States Olympic Committee, PACE Membership Warehouse Inc., NBI’s The OfficePlace, Aircoa/Clarion Hotels, Budget Rent-A-Car, American Ski Association.

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