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If you want more abundance start following your heart and ignore negative thoughts… by “disowning” them. When you hear them.. (yes, most of the time, they are not yours, you are just hearing them.) Think.. “that’s not mine, who’s thought is that?” “Not mine. Not mine..” and when you have positive thoughts. Agree with them. “Yes, it will be alright.” “Yes, I know it will. It always is.” This takes work to change the attraction, but once you do, your life will start shifting to more Love and Abundance and get easier everyday. The more you shift to the positive, the more you feel your heart sing and everything you want starts coming to you, with little effort.

 More about random thoughts:
The earth has “thought fields” around it.. Like smog. You could pick up something that has been there for hundreds or thousands of years. I call them “little boogies” and I have a clearing for that. Here is a written version of my clearing for that:  When you join my email list, I send you an empowered video clearing also.
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  1. admin
    admin says:

    Excellent comment Ted. Yes.. love your thinking. Get’s me pondering more about it too. It does extend beyond our species, and yes mentally unstable people sometimes can get lost in these fields or rivers of thought and helping them “ground into” their bodies and the earth can sometimes help them focus more “here”, but not always.

  2. Ted Bagg
    Ted Bagg says:

    Likewise. Seems like there’s a mental network connecting us all, probably extends beyond our species. We simply overhear other trains of thought. Could be that schizophrenics are simply more sensitive than most of us and are thereby incapacitated. This’d also help to account for ghosts and recollections from the distant past, perhaps Edgar Cayce. Spirits and memory can persist within the network after the originator’s physical body is gone. If the network persists beyond our species, perhaps it contains memories of earlier, now physically exctinct, intelligent species as well.

  3. Sarah Arrow
    Sarah Arrow says:

    I love this Lisa, as human beings we are powerful receivers as well as transmitters, and by just asking who’s thought is this we can stop them in their tracks.

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