Facebook Live, You Can Have What You Want!

English (Automatic Captions from Youtube)
0:00 Hi everybody this is Lisa and I’m in the words big rocks here and I want to talk to you
0:14 today about having what you want because a lot of us get distracted you get you
0:22 know you get distracted into TV get distracted and watching other people who
0:29 get distracted in the you know helping your kids helping other people do things
0:34 and a lot of us don’t focus on what we want and in fact a lot of us forget
0:40 about what we want and we think we’re here to serve and we are we’re here to
0:47 serve each other but not in this not in the service way it’s more like in a way
0:53 of of being happy and because when you vibrate happiness and you then you
1:00 naturally serve others because you naturally want to share that happiness
1:04 with others and when you do that that helps others find happiness to and
1:09 everybody’s happiness is a little different and it’s all inside themselves
1:12 but if you think you have to serve people that are suffering or or a new
1:20 focus on stuff like that it can drop your level so you wanna keep your
1:24 vibration high and you want to focus on what you want and especially if you’re a
1:29 little older if you’re over thirty or forty and you kind of forgot about what
1:36 you really wanted to you forgot about your dreams sometimes they can take six
1:40 months or more to start uncovering them to start finding them to start yeah what
1:46 do I want what do I really want and it a lot of us what happened this morning I
1:54 went through something where I cleared this our minds are like a bubble of
2:00 consciousness and as they expand you expand into a new area and so I was
2:05 coming through when I was waking up you come back in your body when you wake up
2:11 and I felt myself coming back in my body and moving forward into the world and I
2:16 could feel this like a blockage and I recommend my clients that they they lay
2:22 in bed a few minutes and they start appreciating life and appreciating
2:27 everything around them but also watch for your mind is and get it to a higher
2:32 level in I had this this part of me that was like well I can’t have what I want
2:39 and I noticed that there was a synergy first to find it I noticed there was
2:44 this energy anger and I was like oh there’s some anger there so what is that
2:49 angered tie too so it’s becoming conscious of the emotions and the
2:53 feelings and your body and around you first you ask is this somebody else is
2:57 there is it mine and then give it somebody else’s it’ll fly away and then
3:02 if it’s yours when am i angry about what am i angry about you bring that up bring
3:07 that up and it was where I logged somewhere my childhood probably very
3:12 young that I couldn’t have what I wanted because my parents favorite word was no
3:16 every time we asked we got no you know a lot of us did and so it’s like oh and so
3:29 somewhere in my mind logged I can’t have what I want and there was still a hidden
3:33 vibration that I was running and I didn’t know I was running it because it
3:38 was subconscious and so I brought it to consciousness and I i moved that thought
3:44 to a new place to a higher level and I turned it around and I might I could
3:48 feel my mind expanding into a new place and when you do that you just expanded
3:53 into a new place and when i when i expanded into I can have what I want yes
3:58 I can have what I went there are there are no longer my parents in charge of my
4:02 reality I’m in charge of my reality and work until of clinton’s one before but
4:06 you know we’re continually expanding in new places and as the energy gets
4:10 lighter this stuff comes up again and so it it as long as you keep moving and
4:15 keep expanding you’ll feel you’ll feel good and things will get lighter but if
4:19 you don’t you can get bogged down in the energy you can get bogged down
4:24 with the old patterns because we picked him up and and we still have them here
4:32 if we don’t clear about who we didn’t let him go it’s covering your light so
4:37 anywhere you’re allowing yourself to not anywhere you think you can’t have what
4:42 you want anywhere you think you’re limited in any way shape or form are you
4:46 willing to release that and I have to say yes to you so that’s moving energy
4:52 release release release release release release will lead police release and
4:57 that’s how I helped clear help people clear release release release release
5:01 release released so anywhere you feel limited and you think you can’t have
5:04 what you want you gave up on your dreams you have to give it to yourself
5:10 the only reason I get out here and enjoy nature and have fun
5:19 is because I give it to myself
5:30 give it to myself I wouldn’t have it I’d still be looking at my computer I get up
5:35 I mean I did that for years I get up and just go work on the computer and maybe
5:40 take weekends off but usually I didn’t usually I worked weekends because I came
5:46 out of a lot of the work and struggle so now I’m running a whole different energy
5:52 and life just gets easier and easier so that interests you awakened masters dot
5:57 com you can sign up to get my free clearing videos and I have classes
6:03 awakened master’s Academy and you’ll hear about it
6:06 videos awakened masters dot com so thank you all for joining I hope this has been
6:11 helpful or are moving to a new level so be nice to yourself love yourself
6:17 tried not to beat yourself up a judge yourself in any way because it will drop
6:22 your level to you want to keep your level high you keep your vibration high
6:25 but don’t ignore that stuff when it comes up because it’s coming up to clear
6:29 so let it go OK god bless everybody take care bye

Recreating Your Life Consciously

We are all Energy Beings and if you want to have a better life, you have to move your energy to a higher vibrational level whenever you can.
So if you start to feel “heavy”, stop what you are doing and go inside yourself and ask,
“What did I just think?”
Because my SOURCE does not agree with that thought, otherwise I (you) would not have felt heavy.
Your SOURCE always stays at a high vibration… Happy, Fun, Joy, Laughter, Excitement, Appreciation. Source vibrates faster… LIGHTER, Brighter, LOVE LIGHT.
When you feel your level “drop” into a lower level emotion (vibration, dimension)… sadness, anger, fear, depression, any of those, you will FEEL THE RELATIONAL DIFFERENCE between what you just thought and where the BIG YOU, your SOURCE is.
That is your guidance. Abraham-Hicks really helped me to understand this about our guidance.
If you suddenly feel heavy, whatever you just thought, your SOURCE is not agreeing with that.
So why argue with God?
My Source does not agree with that so then I don’t either!
So when you experience a “drop” in level, and you recognize it and work to change it, you just became conscious! 
Give yourself “Thanks”.
You are waking up! Good job!
Then look for the thought.
“What did I just think?”
And move that thought into a better feeling place by soothing yourself.
That is the work.
Moving those thoughts and old belief patterns to higher and higher levels. Then your LIFE has to change to reflect that back to you.
So when those thoughts that no longer serve you come up… learn to turn them around to a more positive place. “I know everything always works out for me.” “I know I will be alright.” “I know I am loved.”
Do whatever you can to move those old thought patterns out of your energy and into the Light and if they don’t leave right away ask….
“Who’s is that?”
“Where did I get that?”
A lot of times it was from your parents.
Talk to your inner child as if you are parenting a small child because you are… you are parenting you in the past.
“Oh Honey, we don’t have to believe that anymore.”
“Our parents did not know better then, it’s a new day, and we know better now.”
Move those thoughts up and that moves your vibration up and the Universe responds to your new higher vibration and your whole life changes to reflect that new level back to you.
Keep Going, Keep Growing!

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