What Has Your Spiritual Awakening Been Like?

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Lisa Long was one of the first psychics on the internet in 1995.

As You Awaken You Move Thru Dimensional Fields To Higher Levels Of Consciousness.

As you do this the places in you that used to identify with the lower dimensional thoughts and beliefs can feel uncomfortable as they come up to clear.

It is like the Universe is saying, “Are you sure you still want this thought/belief?”

Sometimes all hell breaks loose in your life because your higher level vibration is more powerful now and the energy flowing thru you empowers old patterns you don’t want live in a more empathic way. They manifest quicker. It is very important at this time to become more conscious and to choose higher level thoughts.

On the higher realms you receive Guidance in the form of Light and Feelings of Love washing thru you and your body might heat up. You might burst out crying as more love comes in. You can hear your guidance more clearly. You get insights and impulses to move you to manifest your desires more easily. You feel LOVED and cherished. You start to understand why you are here. You know stuff. You just know. You feel empowered.

As these higher level vibrations are becoming your new normal, you have to let go of the old patterns of energy you previously were living and this can be an uncomfortable experience. The ego can feel like it is dying and will fight for its existence. It believes “it” is those beliefs. It does not understand it is being transformed to a higher level and you have to “educate” it and love it just as you learn to love and accept yourself in the process. This is a blending. Moving your higher level consciousness into the material plane. You become “Christed”. Christ means Light. You embody your LIGHT. You become more of who you really are on the higher dimensions. Jesus spoke of this as your Eternal Life.

As you become more sensitive you might experience feelings of being under attack in the psychic realms (lower astral). Dark voices and visions. Weird feelings in your body. “Things” moving around, extended bloating, throwing up, headaches. All these are signs of awakening. You are might also feel energy moving up and out of you, sharp pains shooting out of your feet and fingers. Stabs in your side and back or heavy shoulders. Some people feel deep heart pain. Doctors call this “false heart pain” as they don’t know what it is. I have written about it before and many people are grateful to know they are not dying, they are just waking up.

These are all symptoms of old belief patterns and energies. If you blamed others for controlling you, you might feel headaches as you have receptor sites for that energy to “get you”. If you put yourself down or think others put you down, you might feel stabs in your back. These all can feel very real and it is important to work on clearing them out and not blaming yourself or others for your experience.

As you awaken, you clear away the receptor sites, take back your own power and other peoples energy can’t bother you anymore. I call this being “Transparent”.

I teach people how to do this in my MasterClasses in my Awakened Masters Academy. The link is provided below.

These experiences are all normal as you move those old patterns out of you and you increase the vibration of your body. Those things that no longer resonate at your new level have to leave. It is law. Different vibrations can’t exist in the same place. Your new vibration (dimensional level) burns those old patterns away if you let it.

If you try to hold onto those old patterns, you will experience suffering.

If you let them go… you will experience FLOW.

This process is not easy and it can take years, but it is totally worth it as life gets easier and easier and you become more awake and aware and enlightened everyday.

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God Bless you on your scared journey of awakening.

Lisa Long

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