The Release- Sobbing, Crying

The Release- Sobbing, Crying
Sobbing Uncontrollably.

If you are experiencing uncontrollable sobbing and crying… use this release to find clarity, healing and peace.

I created this audio a few years ago and I am publishing it now so you can benefit from the clarity and relief it can bring you.



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English (Automatic Captions) by YouTube

0:00 hi this is Lisa and I’m on the trail again and it’s pretty up here a little
0:16 chilly but it’s not and so today I want to talk to you about clearing your
0:24 energy feel and how the energies affecting this right now because there’s
0:29 some pretty intense energy coming in there’s a lot of high-level energy
0:36 that’s shifting us but if you don’t allow yourself to shift then you’ll feel
0:40 heavier in different places in your body and your reality your life will actually
0:45 reflect that so they’ll be different its bogged down places you’ll start feeling
0:49 feeling it so if you touch the place in your body and you say what is this what
0:55 is this release release release release release and ask that energy to clear
1:00 till it go go clear clear clear a lot of people just ignore these little aches
1:05 and pains and if you ignore those little aches and pains they get heavier it’s
1:09 like interference in your secretary we were electric beans we have this energy
1:14 flowing through it and when you get interference in your circuitry if you
1:18 don’t clear it out then it can get its you know it can get more clogged like
1:24 it’s kinda like you could be like like it could be like clogged arteries or
1:27 something like that but it’s in your energetic body so what you do is you you
1:33 pointed that part on your body and you ask it to leave leaves leaving if it
1:38 doesn’t leave right away you say who does this belong to and that’s from
1:42 Access Consciousness and then here set if it doesn’t clear right away you ask
1:47 it what is this what is this what is this where did I get it and take this
1:53 can take some time but it it’s better than developing something that it can
1:58 affect you in the future health base and in your reality so then it’ll come up
2:04 and I mean it might only take 20 or 30 minutes or it might take five minutes
2:08 sometimes it’s pretty quick and your mind will tell you it’s this is blood
2:13 global blow where I thought I wasn’t good enough for this is blah blah blah
2:17 blah blah where daddy said this or mommy said that are my brother said this and
2:21 so they knew you say well we don’t believe that anymore let them energy
2:26 clear and you turn that sought around to the sun’s coming out could you turn that
2:30 sought around the best you can you move it to a higher place you re-educate your
2:34 subconscious mind to where you are now and what you believe now and just keep
2:40 asking me to leave release release release release released and what’ll
2:44 happen sorry I just taken a drink my water first so what’ll happen is it’ll
2:51 start leaving and it’s really interesting at first it might get it might hurt a
2:56 lot more and women hurts a lot more it started the movie energy it’s like it’s
3:01 like you have this energy that’s bogged down in this little clogged and then it
3:05 it it starts going through and is it starts going through it hurts a little
3:09 more in the card a little more hurt a little more and then we’ll start flowing
3:13 like Little River and then we’ll come out and it’ll leave and there’s
3:17 something you can have a place that was so sore you were thinking about going to
3:22 a chiropractor and when you’re done it’s totally gone it totally gone it’s not
3:28 sore anymore it’s clear and you’re like wow that was that was amazing you just
3:35 keep yourself you just secured yourself whatever that was in whatever future
3:40 thing that cuz it just keeps you know if you don’t care if you don’t let it go
3:44 release it then it can it can affect you when you get a little older and with the
3:50 energy coming in is it strong as it is it’s kinda like we’re we were operating
3:54 on 110 super circuitry and now 220 start to come in and 220 is bringing up all
4:00 this stuff that went and didn’t notice and so when 220 comes in there’s more
4:05 people on the trail hi I’m on Facebook so I went to twenty comes in you have to
4:11 clear that stuff out so otherwise crystal then 330 is gonna come in we’re
4:16 going to just keep leveling up our vibrations so if you want to know more
4:20 and if you want free clearing videos check out awake and masters dot com
4:24 where
4:24 help you clear out all this stuff and teach you how to do it easier and I have
4:30 a lot more time and money trail let me show you where it is

Level Up with Lisa from the Trail

English (Automatic Captions by Youtube)
0:03 hello everyone this is Lisa long
0:16 trail positive light so what happens is you are your future creation is a
0:36 positive vibration everything you want everything you’ve created for yourself
0:41 is held at a high level vibration where sources source holds your your every
0:49 time you ask for something it’s given but it held under positive vibration and
0:55 he’ll figure on a lower vibration looking at something in the past which
1:01 is creation creation these trees everything around me is this is all the
1:05 past creation now in an hour they’ll still be there and they’ll be the new
1:09 creation but everything’s sort of recreated in that way it’s a continual
1:14 re-creation of everything and so when you move to a higher dimension and
1:21 toward what you want toward the positive you’re moving toward what you’ve asked
1:26 for and you start get momentum and everything gets faster and easier but if
1:32 you get stuck I know but but but
1:35 and you look at things in your reality that you don’t like then you are
1:42 becoming kind of a stuck human again you’re you’re you get stuck in thinking
1:49 that this is all there is and I’m living here and I’m limited by this reality and
1:56 I’m limited by my choices and I’m limited by where I am and I’m limited by
2:01 you know how much money in my bank hi everybody joining and all that does is
2:06 is keep you stuck to keep its it keeps you stack so the ideas is continually
2:13 focus forward focus toward where you go
2:17 focus toward what you want focus toward your dreams and you’ll start getting
2:24 thoughts about what I could do this I could do that I can do this I could do
2:30 that hi everybody joining and when you do that it really in that direction and
2:36 a lot of people call that motivation motivation is I think you for hearts
2:41 motivation is where you’re kinda pushing yourself and you think it all I have to
2:46 do this I have to do that and I have to push and when you’re in momentum when
2:53 you’re in 40 it’s different it’s inspired action you feel to do it you
3:00 feel like oh this will be fun
3:02 oh I want to do this oh that’ll be fun I want to do that and you move with the
3:06 flow and you move toward what you want and it’s a lot different hi everybody
3:11 joining so the ideas you might want to replay this is gonna be short the ideas
3:17 to focus toward the positive
3:19 my name’s Lisa long I have awakened master’s Academy and if you wanna sign
3:25 up for the free calls and get some free clearings its awake and masters dot com
3:30 and you get on the email list you can also join my list at least a long dot
3:34 com but you won’t get the emails so good awake and masters dot com you will and
3:40 we kinda got you know tricked into believing that this was all there were
3:48 there is and and and you’ll notice that a lot of your ancestors a lot of the
3:54 older people on the planet
3:55 they’ll go to a job and they’ll stay there for twenty years thirty years
4:00 though do the same thing they live in the same town they they get stuck on
4:03 this it’s kind of a column it’s kind of a low-level vibration of thinking that
4:11 that’s all there is rather than moving forward to higher dimensions and toward
4:15 what they want everybody joining thank you so the more you focus toward what
4:21 you want and it’ll be inspired don’t necessarily go unless it feels good
4:26 don’t know if you think you know I want to do that but it feels crappy it’s not
4:31 time wait until the energy shifts just keep focusing on a cheapo casino keep
4:36 giving yourself inspired ideas
4:39 yeah keep giving yourself inspired ideas you might want to
4:43 and follow I’ve been a professional psyche for 25 years and work with people
4:48 remotely all over the world and I’m in energy master I can shift consciousness
4:53 so I work in the group mine now so people in my classes accelerate their
4:58 movement to higher and higher levels of consciousness and toward what they want
5:04 it it gets easier and easier but when you go there you have to thank you you
5:12 have to go through your ship I guess is the basic words for it because there’s a
5:19 lot of stuff we inherited a lot of police from our childhood none of those
5:24 serve you and they feel heavy and they have to leave and that I help you get
5:28 through that stuff so that you can move toward which and it gets easier and
5:32 easier and more and more fun so I hope this has helped swipe share followed me
5:39 if you want I’m gonna do a broadcast time I’m least a long day 31 on Facebook
5:46 and my professional business pages we’re gonna be broadcast team from its Lisa
5:52 long low of yourself and be happy that’s why you wanna like that page and also
5:58 have awakened masters I’m Facebook so thank you are so high everybody for
6:09 joining watch the replay in you get a lot out of this I think it’s really good
6:15 take care God bless you let me show you the viewed

Transcending Fear

Transcending Fear

Transcending Fear

– World Tour Series –

Transcending Fear
Original – Oil on Canvas

36″ x 36″ x 3/4″ GALLERY WRAP

prints available for purchase


This is from my slide show..

The more we look inside ourselves, ask for help, work on ourselves, and surrender to ALL THAT IS, the more our vibration is raised above the “fear fields” and we no longer attract the denser energies. At a certain point we become “enlightened” and we live our life in JOY.–LL


Visionary Artist Lisa Long’s Art Gallery, Ashland, Oregon and Kailua Kona, Hawaii.

Jane Working

– World Tour Series –


Jane Katra Working
Original – Oil on Canvas

30″ x 24″ x 3/4″ GALLERY WRAP

prints available for purchase




Lisa’s Words;

Dr. Jane Katra as seen thru a psychics eyes

This is my first oil portrait. I created it from a small internet photo of Jane.

I had the pleasure of experiencing Dr. Jane Katra’s healing work in Ashland, Oregon at the RVML in early 2010. I had not been drawn to any of the workshops in Ashland, prior to that, so I knew Jane must be special for me to be attracted there. I work as a professional empathic psychic, so I have to be careful about who I open my energies too.

Jane’s workshop was different. After Jane gave a short introduction and we all settled in, she arranged us in a circle and we closed our eyes in quiet mediation. Jane sat down and did deep fast breathing, to raise the energy in the room.

I helped a little to clear the room, but I wanted to stay out of it as this was her workshop and I did not want to interfere in her work. I was there to receive and learn, not work, so I surrendered to the experience. After a few minutes, Jane got up and slowly moved around the interior of the circle, with her hands held out to each person in turn. There were about 35 people present.

Jane approached me.. I had felt her pass before, as I could “feel” the energy when it was directed to me specifically in the circle. But I had kept my physical eyes closed and watched with my spiritual psychic senses of clairvoyance and clairsentience.

In 1991, at my home in Hawaii, I had experienced several sessions with a wonderful healer Mauricio Panisset (now passed), where I wanted to look directly at him while he was healing me.. but, I also wanted to “be polite” and not look, as I was laying on a meditation table and was supposed to be “receiving”. So I did not open my physical eyes at that time and I have always regretted that. I have a great story about him I will post sometime, as God did show me Mauricio shooting physical Light from his body a few nights later.

So, that is why this time, I wanted to “look”. So I did. As Jane moved toward me on the third round, I opened my eyes to take a peek, as I wanted to see if I could physically “see” the energy she was running. I watched her work on several people as she got closer, and I did not “see” anything, however the energy in the room was very high and “holy” from her efforts of “pumping” herself and the ambient field up thru her fast breathing and praying, and also because of the combined intention of all those present meditating in ONEness for over an hour.

Jane moved closer and closer, then she turned her hands toward me, and smiled. As she did I could see all these incredible flows of energy, in colors not of this world. Most were pastel colors, soft pink, soft yellow.. soft green. So many cords streaming from her hands. They flowed and disappeared into my energy field.

I was a bit taken aback as in my logical mind, I would have expected one big cord out of her palm, or maybe three. Not 20.

They were slim, as I have them in the painting, where they leave her hands.. but I had to work out some way to make them appear to come toward the person observing the painting, and disappearing, so I painted them the way I did by making them get larger and not putting quite as many as I saw. I also changed the colors several times. I have repainted that painting at least five times, five layers deep.

One morning, I woke up from a dream and “knew” I had to lighten the cord colors. So I repainted it, again. Translating 5th dimensional energies into 2nd dimensional paintings is something I am still working on.

Back to Jane’s healing work. As she ran or allowed the energy to flow toward me for a few minutes, I pondered what I was experiencing and seeing. Jane then moved toward the next person and I thanked her as I worked to translate the experience into something I could remember later. As Jane finished with the group the energy started coming down and people started coming back into their bodies.

If a person is not used to that high of a level they can “go out” and not remember the experience, even though they are still physically awake, their normal conscious mind “checks out”, while their higher self, enjoys the experience, then when they come back in, they feel better, but can’t recall what happened.

I did not at that time, see the cords coming into Jane’s head.

Later, when people were starting to leave, I waited my turn, then moved to give Jane a hug and say “Thank You”.

As I hugged her, I got SHOCKED. I was jolted by the energy she was still running. I saw three huge cords, pulsing and moving, vibrating fast, like huge blood vessels pulsing rushing Life Force, going into her head. I let go and jumped back.

I thought, that was weird. And moved forward and hugged her again. Clear as day I could see those cords and I felt that electric shock again. Not a small rub my foot on the rug shock, or not even a wall socket shock. This was like hugging electric cables that were not totally insulated and were flapping around with their own vibration as I was trying to hold on to Jane. I let go again and thought “wow”, thinking about the cords I was seeing.

My partner Michael McAvoy, who passed June 1, 2009 had told me about God Cords. When he was a new awakening psychic in the 80′s, he went to the Berkeley Psychic Institute to check out their psychic training programs. Michael said the founder of the Institute, Lewis S. Bostwick took one look at him and stated “you have a God Cord running into your crown charka and going to this school would be like going back to kindergarden”, and basically kicked Michael out. I met Michael many years later.. he was very awake and taught me how to move thru and read consciousness and I taught him about the empathic and emotional levels of reality.

I had never seen a God Cord before and Jane had three. I was confused. I think I mentioned it in passing to her that night.

Later, in private emails, I told Jane what I had seen and she told me it was two of her loved ones who were doctors on this side who had passed over and now were helping people from the other side as healers working thru her. Amazing.

Now I know another level of what reality looks like.. on an energetic level just above this level. It is awesome seeing and feeling higher level energies and I am excited to see what other discoveries we find on our journey HOME.

As a psychic artist, I will try to translate them for others to see and experience, as best I can. To see more visionary paintings of mine please visit my art site:


Jane’s Words;

“My true immortal being as lovelight never changes, but my awareness of who I truly am becomes realized, and I no longer misidentify as a body or a conditioned personality/ story.

I am always conscious awareness rather than personality/mind, and
as the soul vibration strengthens and moves through me more and
more, I totally identify with expansive formless awareness/
lovelight as my true nature.

And the more I realize my true nature, the less this personality
mind dominates and clouds over the bright light shining out.”

Jane Katra’s Website:


Visionary Artist Lisa Long’s Art Gallery, Ashland, Oregon and Kailua Kona, Hawaii.