A Love Note… to me.

From one of my private client sessions.


After our session yesterday:

I feel like a weight lifted. So I already have some interesting occurrences to share. 

A couple of hours after I got off the phone with you my realtor, who I had been pretty silent the past few weeks sent me the upload video for my home advertisement.  Finally some action from her. 

A little thing but when I left for work this morning my honey was very sweet to greet me with a healthy breakfast to take to work with me. 

I was dealing with an issue where I transferred some money to France and they made an error at the bank. I was told sorry there was really nothing they could do.This morning I learned that the bank was going to pay out of their own money $1000 to correct the error and send additional funds to France. Bottom line is my daughter is going to receive about an extra €300 than she would have if the had error had not occurred.

The problem turned into a little financial profit. They also waived the transaction fee of $35.  They never even asked me for proof of the error interestingly. 

This is fun! Looking forward to the rest of today. Thank you so much Lisa! 

Thank You D! I love helping people move forward!
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The Release- Sobbing, Crying

The Release- Sobbing, Crying
Sobbing Uncontrollably.

If you are experiencing uncontrollable sobbing and crying… use this release to find clarity, healing and peace.

I created this audio a few years ago and I am publishing it now so you can benefit from the clarity and relief it can bring you.



Clear your energy field, heal your body, keep moving forward

From my Facebook LIVE Broadcast

Clear out places in your body that feel heavy.
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English (Automatic Captions) by YouTube

0:00 hi this is Lisa and I’m on the trail again and it’s pretty up here a little
0:16 chilly but it’s not and so today I want to talk to you about clearing your
0:24 energy feel and how the energies affecting this right now because there’s
0:29 some pretty intense energy coming in there’s a lot of high-level energy
0:36 that’s shifting us but if you don’t allow yourself to shift then you’ll feel
0:40 heavier in different places in your body and your reality your life will actually
0:45 reflect that so they’ll be different its bogged down places you’ll start feeling
0:49 feeling it so if you touch the place in your body and you say what is this what
0:55 is this release release release release release and ask that energy to clear
1:00 till it go go clear clear clear a lot of people just ignore these little aches
1:05 and pains and if you ignore those little aches and pains they get heavier it’s
1:09 like interference in your secretary we were electric beans we have this energy
1:14 flowing through it and when you get interference in your circuitry if you
1:18 don’t clear it out then it can get its you know it can get more clogged like
1:24 it’s kinda like you could be like like it could be like clogged arteries or
1:27 something like that but it’s in your energetic body so what you do is you you
1:33 pointed that part on your body and you ask it to leave leaves leaving if it
1:38 doesn’t leave right away you say who does this belong to and that’s from
1:42 Access Consciousness and then here set if it doesn’t clear right away you ask
1:47 it what is this what is this what is this where did I get it and take this
1:53 can take some time but it it’s better than developing something that it can
1:58 affect you in the future health base and in your reality so then it’ll come up
2:04 and I mean it might only take 20 or 30 minutes or it might take five minutes
2:08 sometimes it’s pretty quick and your mind will tell you it’s this is blood
2:13 global blow where I thought I wasn’t good enough for this is blah blah blah
2:17 blah blah where daddy said this or mommy said that are my brother said this and
2:21 so they knew you say well we don’t believe that anymore let them energy
2:26 clear and you turn that sought around to the sun’s coming out could you turn that
2:30 sought around the best you can you move it to a higher place you re-educate your
2:34 subconscious mind to where you are now and what you believe now and just keep
2:40 asking me to leave release release release release released and what’ll
2:44 happen sorry I just taken a drink my water first so what’ll happen is it’ll
2:51 start leaving and it’s really interesting at first it might get it might hurt a
2:56 lot more and women hurts a lot more it started the movie energy it’s like it’s
3:01 like you have this energy that’s bogged down in this little clogged and then it
3:05 it it starts going through and is it starts going through it hurts a little
3:09 more in the card a little more hurt a little more and then we’ll start flowing
3:13 like Little River and then we’ll come out and it’ll leave and there’s
3:17 something you can have a place that was so sore you were thinking about going to
3:22 a chiropractor and when you’re done it’s totally gone it totally gone it’s not
3:28 sore anymore it’s clear and you’re like wow that was that was amazing you just
3:35 keep yourself you just secured yourself whatever that was in whatever future
3:40 thing that cuz it just keeps you know if you don’t care if you don’t let it go
3:44 release it then it can it can affect you when you get a little older and with the
3:50 energy coming in is it strong as it is it’s kinda like we’re we were operating
3:54 on 110 super circuitry and now 220 start to come in and 220 is bringing up all
4:00 this stuff that went and didn’t notice and so when 220 comes in there’s more
4:05 people on the trail hi I’m on Facebook so I went to twenty comes in you have to
4:11 clear that stuff out so otherwise crystal then 330 is gonna come in we’re
4:16 going to just keep leveling up our vibrations so if you want to know more
4:20 and if you want free clearing videos check out awake and masters dot com
4:24 where
4:24 help you clear out all this stuff and teach you how to do it easier and I have
4:30 a lot more time and money trail let me show you where it is

Awakened Energy Master Lisa Long Presents – The Release

Energy Master Lisa Long, founder of Awakened Masters Academy, leads you in her well known and loved energy clearing “The Release” to help you up-level your vibration and your life.

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I created “The Release” over 20 years ago. It has very high level energy embedded within it. Use it as often as you feel the need. I used it 100’s of times a day when I first received it from the Angels. It works. Enjoy!

Recommended use: 

Daily, several times a day, especially if you feel confused or heavy.

Sometimes when we “Release” we yawn or cry, that is normal, it means you are letting go of unconsciousness, energies, beliefs and old patterns that no longer serve you. You are “Leveling Up Your Vibration” which changes everything in your life and body for the better.

This Video’s Version of “The Release”;



any cords, attachments, energies, entities, commitments, vows,

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Highest Good in full alignment with Gods Will for me.


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*There are no guarantees… the change is up to you.
I hold the LIGHT for you. YOU have to create the change, inside yourself. I help you do that.

All work is done with the clients permission and conscious involvement and permission. I work with Divine Source Energy and the work is done on very high levels by an aspect of me and your higher self. 

Everything is premised with God’s Will for the Highest Light, for the Highest Good for All. 

I also teach you how to do the work yourself while I hold a high vibrational field of possibilities. I teach you how to take back your own power. 

Each person has their own path, and each path is unique and different and each moves at the pace that feels comfortable for them. All are Blessed by Source. 

I am not a doctor or psychologist. If you have medical or psychological problems, check with your doctor or psychologist first. I have doctors and psychologists as clients. Many are open to finding other paths now.

This program is for those who are on a spiritual awakening path. Sometimes spiritual emergence can be confused with other problems, and many times, clearing the basic “stuck” energy can help clear physical and emotional problems. But, not always as each Being is unique and chooses their path. 

All we can do is help guide you onto the most peaceful part of whatever path you are on. 


Rates subject to change and will probably increase shortly.

When my programs go LIVE (“Level up with Lisa Long” and “Awakening Masters Academy”) I will be marketing my programs on TV and traveling more so I will remove most of these options as I won’t have the time for many individual sessions.

Commitments and payments lock in the current rate and program. Payments can be billed monthly. 


If you are interested please send a private email to see if this is right for you…  [email protected]