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0:00 hi everyone this is Lisa I’m on the trail again that’s a little noisy
0:05 appears to show you the deal and thank you for a little walk so that’s the view
0:19 the snowpack the melted off the hill it was there two days ago it was a little
0:24 warmer yesterday but it’s such a beautiful view here
0:35 working on the work day
0:45 where people talk to you about hearing your guidance clearly and also the light
0:54 off so your guidance is at a high level vibration and if you are at a low level
1:06 vibration there’s a lot of energy coming in right now a lot of people are gone
1:10 through some heavy stuff to get a lot of people are going through some heavy
1:16 stuff they’re just not feeling good he’s you have subconscious beliefs that
1:21 you’re not good enough
1:23 things are hard a lot of stuff we got from our parents if you have those
1:27 police in your subconscious mind even if you don’t know you have a very effective
1:31 it’s like computer programs water running on your hard drive you don’t
1:38 even know you have and this energy coming from source and all the people
1:43 waking up this creating this high-level awakening energy and so if you don’t
1:48 keep up things will get harder for you you have to keep up and clearing your
1:54 subconscious mind you have to keep up in being happy you have to keep up in
2:00 turning those thoughts around because they’ll keep presenting to you where you
2:05 need to work on yourself
2:07 the universe is gonna keep resending things in your reality that if you
2:12 didn’t clear about you might not like living now so what I do is I help people
2:17 clear out those things in their subconscious mind and I help them
2:21 understand they’re ok they’re loved their never judged by source and its
2:30 mother hears us to watch for a market and everything’s always working out for
2:35 us we just have to stay on that end of the stick we have to stay on the
2:39 positive end of the stick rather than the negative end of the stick and
2:43 millions of people to the stick their takes a master to stay on the positive
2:50 end of the stick your old masters we came here to be masters and so use your
2:56 mastery
2:58 know you can do it know who you are
3:02 know that your divine you are here
3:20 know that you’re loved by source energy know that everything will be alright and
3:26 then you have to soothe yourself just like your your parent so your parent
3:31 team a little child in your subconscious mind that got scared your parenting the
3:38 little child in your subconscious mind that thought that they weren’t good
3:44 enough nobody like whether the beliefs are a lot of this stuff is coming to
3:50 come up with it will reflect in your reality by what you’re living so if
3:56 you’re living things that aren’t fun that’s why it’s because you have belief
4:00 patterns so ask yourself it’s a little steep pair well with I have to believe
4:05 to create this in my life
4:09 what do I have to believe to create this weather and living over there some tears
4:15 are some people are there some tears so let those tears come out let those tears
4:20 come out because when you when you let those tears out and the little by little
4:27 child and you cries for tears of relief then that stuff leaves it’s it’s it’s
4:34 like waves of denser energy and thought patterns and beliefs where we log not
4:40 good enough things don’t work out for me how come I don’t have any friends how
4:46 can people don’t like me all that stuff can be blocking your clothes your money
4:51 flows your health flows here energy flows your fun havin fun how come how
4:57 come I never get to go outside how come I don’t ever get to do anything like
5:01 other people how come it’s easy for other people and not for me see all
5:05 those thoughts are limited thought forms and they can block your slow so let
5:09 those go if you have any of those release release released I work
5:14 energetically in the subconscious mind by holding the field and so when people
5:19 take my classes we go pretty deep clear this stuff and I explained how the
5:24 universe works and how to change your reality and it takes a master it’s not
5:29 like over I’m gonna casually do this
5:31 casual so it’s doing it does get easier just keep going so my suggestion for you
5:46 would be if you haven’t signed up for my free clearing videos
5:50 sign up but awakened masters dot com you get some crew clearing videos and then
5:54 you can see if you want to join me in my classes and therefore not try to stay
5:58 out of my email list if you want and then you get more free clinic stuff so
6:02 take care everybody love you understand that everything is divine and the whole
6:07 universe is helping us get clear so whatever you’re going through is
6:11 something for your benefits will look at the positive end of it and go okay I
6:16 know this is for my benefit I know this is for my benefit and so I’m gonna find
6:21 that and let those tears come out to play god bless you all take care

Awakened Energy Master Lisa Long Presents – The Release

Energy Master Lisa Long, founder of Awakened Masters Academy, leads you in her well known and loved energy clearing “The Release” to help you up-level your vibration and your life.

Have you ever wanted to know what an Energy Master does? This is one of the things I do to help people align their energy more fully with their Source so they “Level Up” their vibration. Check out my Awakened Masters Academy for my offerings to learn more.

I created “The Release” over 20 years ago. It has very high level energy embedded within it. Use it as often as you feel the need. I used it 100’s of times a day when I first received it from the Angels. It works. Enjoy!

Recommended use: 

Daily, several times a day, especially if you feel confused or heavy.

Sometimes when we “Release” we yawn or cry, that is normal, it means you are letting go of unconsciousness, energies, beliefs and old patterns that no longer serve you. You are “Leveling Up Your Vibration” which changes everything in your life and body for the better.

This Video’s Version of “The Release”;



any cords, attachments, energies, entities, commitments, vows,

agreements, thoughts, beliefs, mine or others,

or anything else that is not for the Highest Light for the

Highest Good in full alignment with Gods Will for me.


Everything that is not of the Light – INTO the Light!