In Truth, each Awakening Master is a Divine’s Love Center In and Of Themselves.

My vision celebrates all the wonderful films and movies, online trainings, energy clearings, masterminds, co-creating and coaching going on worldwide now by Awakening Masters awakening other awakening masters, as we all share our unique gifts and help each other wake-up and become more prosperous as that lifts all of US.

The “large reach” part of my vision includes helping influential Awakening Masters who are aligned with a positive purpose and in a position of influencing millions thru media and other channels to awaken to the truth of their Divine Selves and to clear any remaining challenges so they radiate their Divine Love to millions thru their own unique gifts and abilities. These are the people I work with personally.

My intent also includes co-creating and co-producing a series of high level leading edge films with awakening codes embedded in the messaging, scripts and visuals. These blockbuster films will be targeted to different levels of consciousness and each will teach how reality and consciousness really works and will reveal the lost and hidden concepts and knowledge to the masses in a way that they can easily understand and internalize at whatever level they can receive it.

I also see free education, internet and simple computers available to as many people as possible worldwide, so they can educate themselves in multiple ways as they bathe and entrain to the high level energy of those who are coaching, teaching and sharing with them.

I also see fresh pure water, simple free energy and organic seeds available to everyone on earth.

I am co-creating this with the help of other like minded co-creators who are attracting multibillions from a large awakening base of people who are prosperous and are looking for something “real” to help make real change in this world.

If you want to be an active part of this vision and help co-create Heaven on Earth… know, that you already are… as you have chosen to co-create your own unique part of it just by being here on Earth at this time.

I honor you… for you are Divine. Thank you for your Presence.

We are all in this together, let’s make it FUN!


Lisa Long


Below are some of the wonderful organizations that support my vision and that I support…

The Unstoppable Foundation

Unstoppable Foundation is a non-profit organization who brings education and sustainability to people in developing nations.

Cynthia Kersey and her team are doing GREAT work in the world. If you would like to help, please visit them at:

Unstoppable Foundation


XPRIZE Foundation

XPRIZE is a non-profit organization that designs and manages public competitions intended to encourage technological development that could benefit mankind.



Heifer Foundation

Heifer Foundation’s mission is to grow and oversee an endowment to support the work of Heifer International. We offer a variety of planned giving instruments, such as trusts, annuities and bequests, that provide donors the ability to help themselves, their loved ones and a world in great need.

Heifer Foundation


Seva Foundation

Seva Foundation partners worldwide to create self-sustaining programs that preserve and restore sight.

Seva Foundation


And many others…