Writing Fun | Ep. 107 – Spiritual Development with Lisa Long

Lisa Long was born psychic. She always knew she could see, feel and hear Angels, Guides and also lower level energies. She just did not know other people did not have the same awarenesses she did. Her Guides told her she was here on a secret mission and she had to “blend in” for a while. She did… and she fell almost asleep as many do, but she remained aware of her guidance even as she was tormented by lower level energies.

In 1991 she received a “wakeup call” as she was visited by Angels at her home in Hawaii. It was like meeting old friends. She has been on her awakening and teaching path ever since and working to help others (her spiritual family) awaken also.

Lisa has two degrees; A.A. B.A., and a Private Pilots License. She lives in Mount Shasta CA.

Her mission is to bring awakening concepts to the world thru her expansive work.



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