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Lisa Long

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Jean Houston signed Lisa’s copy of her new book “The Wizard Of Us with this blessing.
Thank you Jean!

“For Lisa, Who is a Wizard of the Collective Unconscious!” 

~Love, Jean Houston

Embody Your Light, Live your Brilliance!

It is possible. Allow me to guide you back to yourself.


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Awakened Masters Academy is an online Academy housed on the secure Kajabi platform, the same platform that Brendon Burchard, Chalene Johnson, Jeff Walker, Roger Love and Jack Canfield use to host their online Academy’s. It is always there when you are ready to access it from anywhere in the world.


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Open Now! Level Up with Lisa Long


Fabulous first class… I’m not the same person I was an hour ago, wow!!

Crying and yawning and letting go!

Amazing super duper fantastic.

Omgosh, another stellar class wow! Thank You.

Thank you so much for yesterday!! I feel more empowered now and know things will work out.

This Master Class was an insightful and meaningful experience that was really helpful to me to get on the right track to project my future into the now.

Your mentoring has changed my life and I will support you any way I can.

Oh my gosh Lisa you are always right on the money!

I have found so much healing and ever increasing awareness of who I am and what the truth is all about. Thank you Divine Lisa for your gifts to me. Aloha Nui Loa!

Bonnie – Maui, Hawaii, US

From the day I committed to participate in Lisa’s “Infinite Abundance and Fun” workshop I began receiving powerful energy and experiencing synchronicity that assured me this was my path.

I just knew that Lisa was the teacher I was waiting for.

Lisa’s energy is very strong and beautiful and she effectively cleared many blocks that were holding me back.

Some of the results I have experienced working with Lisa are greater self-awareness and clarity, opening of my heart chakra, and I am learning to open up to receive.

During the abundance workshop money began coming to me unexpectedly. Such as frequently finding money in my pockets, receiving dividends from a source that I didn’t know I had, receiving unexpected cash, gift cards and checks in the mail, and more.

What I’ve received and learned from Lisa has me excited about my future and I am so grateful to her.

Diana – Ashland Oregon

Would like to know more about how to work with Divine Lisa?

Lisa Long met Richard Branson at the Mojave Air and Space Port for the 10th Anniversary of the ANSARI XPRIZE. So Awesome! So Blessed!

I remember the very first energy clearing had from Lisa Long some 14-15 years ago. The energy was like standing next to a high voltage energy and that was long distance (over the telephone from Hawaii to Montana). Imagine now. Wow.

One more thing, I was always way more in tune with my own intuition after a clearing and even in a regular conversation with Lisa. She is a natural magnet to higher energy fields. I am grateful for the time I had with her when she lived in Hawaii. She was always so compassionate.

Kathleen Brooks
Kathleen BrooksBig Island, Hawaii, US

The first time I talked to Lisa, she changed my life.

Wanting to know a future with a current boyfriend, she helped me understand he would never commit. Instead she said there was another man who would come into my life, if I was open to it. I was, he did, and now I’m marrying him thanks to Lisa.

Lisa can teach us so many things if we are willing listen. She hears our spirit guides and passes their messages on. She teaches awareness and helps show us how to trust our inner selves.

I highly recommend Lisa. She is a gift, very much worth the time of unwrapping the present if only you are open to it.

Best of everything to you Lisa!

MonicaOregon, US

I met Lisa on the Abraham Hicks Workshop Cruise and felt straight away there was something unique and very special about her.

It took three sessions for Lisa to release my deep childhood wounds and move my energy to a higher dimension and start the ball rolling. (I think it would have taken me another 10 years on my own to get the release Lisa gave me.)

As a result of Lisa’s work, the issues that were bothering me so deeply and everyday are now not bothering me at all. It feels so satisfying not to argue in the mind again. Lisa offered such clever words that my mind just released all the arguments, and now it is so easy to find good thoughts again.

I am still so amazed at this meeting the universe had arranged between Lisa and myself. Such a huge positive shift in my life. It is mind blowing the actual timing and how fast Lisa has shifted emotions from one end to another.

What I love the most about Lisa is that she looks at any person and sees in them such a positive and divine side.

Lisa is a very powerful woman, I am thankful every day.

Alina Salnikova
Alina SalnikovaLondon, United Kingdom

I have been working with Lisa for many years and have found so much healing and ever increasing awareness of who I am and what the truth is all about. One example was trying to save my home. I could no longer make my mortgage payments and went round and round with the corporate structure trying to get a loan modification for over a year. I thought I would just give up and let it go as they were about to foreclose on me as it was just so daunting. Then Lisa showed me how to change my mind set and decide if I wanted to stay or go.

One day I woke up and said, “I’m keeping my house and I will have the means to make the payments”. The bank informed me a few days later that they had made a mistake and granted my loan modification. I was able to find a roommate to help pay my mortgage and I’m still here!

I am still working on my money issues but let me tell you with Lisa’s guidance I have come a long way!! I have also healed many of my emotional issues by working with her and have become so much more aware of how to become a happier healthier person.

Thank you Divine Lisa for your gifts to me. Aloha Nui Loa!

Bonnie on MauiMaui, Hawaii, US
Working with Lisa has been a delight, as she gave me insights into my life that were confusing. Her energy work cleared old patterns, and helped me understand that literally “all is well”.
Lisa has a gift beyond measure.  Whatever work you do with her, you will be glad you did.
ColleenAshland, Oregon